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About Rich



Safe Streets. Strong Infrastructure. Vibrant Local Economies.

This is what every person wants, and it's what Rich David delivers.


Rich moved to this area more than two decades ago and quickly fell in love – with the scenery, the history, the opportunities, and, most of all, the people. 

His love for the area led him toward a career in public service with the City of Binghamton, where he worked as deputy mayor, learning the essentials of local government. When term limits brought a new mayor into office, Rich switched paths to join SUNY Broome as part of its public relations team. But after years of watching Binghamton decline due to government mismanagement and neglect, he decided it was his time to run for mayor. He took office in 2014, and got to work right away.  

As Binghamton’s mayor, Rich has led the City’s economic recovery and restored quality of life for residents. This has meant leading major efforts to eliminate blight and vacant properties, rebuild the local infrastructure and invest in Binghamton’s future. 

Those efforts have paid off. Under Rich’s stewardship, Binghamton’s economy is stronger. New businesses have opened, and homeowners’ across the City are paying less in taxes. Downtown Binghamton has undergone a transformative revitalization, and neighborhoods have new streets and fewer eyesores.


Binghamton has become a regional economic hub and a statewide leader in municipal energy efficiency. Binghamton is safer, too. After years of cuts to the police department  under the previous administration, Rich worked directly with police and community stakeholders to restore and invest in public safety. Because of that, Binghamton is now a safer place for families to live, children to attend school and businesses to operate.

Now, Rich David is running for state Senate because he believes more must be done at the state level to ensure a better future for this region. 

One-party rule has led to an agenda that puts downstate wants over our area’s needs. Because of that, our communities’ economic development has stagnated and our farming families have suffered. Small businesses hurt by the Covid-19 pandemic are at risk of closing their doors permanently, and families are struggling with the uncertainty of the future. 

Rich David knows what it takes to rebuild and repair a community, to help small businesses thrive and bring in good-paying careers. He knows what it means to give families the support they need, the safe streets they want and the opportunities they deserve. He knows because he’s done it before. As our next Senator, Rich wants to apply these principles and help every community in our region prosper.

Public safety has become an urgent crisis across this state. A radical “defund the police” agenda and changes to bail and parole have put violent criminals back into communities and put innocent lives in danger. Rich has experience working directly with law enforcement to make neighborhoods safer. We can count on him to continue to fully support our police and work to provide them with the resources and backing they need to protect residents and end the epidemic of violent crime plaguing New York State.

Safe streets. A strong infrastructure. Vibrant local economies. These are the building blocks every community needs to grow and improve.


As our next state Senator, we can count on Rich David
to lay the foundation for a better future.

Our Mission

As your State Senator, I’ll oppose the pro-criminal agenda like cashless bail that has increased crime – and support the police who keep our streets safe.

And I’ll fight back against the Albany tax hikes that have chased jobs and families out of the Southern Tier.

Politicians love to make promises. I prefer to deliver results.

I’m Rich David. I am asking for your support to serve our community
in the New York State Senate.


We Need Your Support Today!

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