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Rich David Announces Candidacy For New York State Senate

(BINGHAMTON, N.Y.) — Mayor Richard C. David on Tuesday announced his run for New York State Senate, surrounded by dozens of supporters and elected officials from across the 52nd District.

Binghamton Mayor and New York State Senate Candidate Richard C. David:The Southern Tier needs a Senator who supports lower taxes, who will stand up for our struggling farms and small businesses, and who will support the police who keep our streets safe. I’m running for State Senate to be your voice in Albany, to fight back against the Albany tax hikes that have chased jobs and families out of the Southern Tier. I’ve delivered for Binghamton as Mayor, and I’ll deliver for the Southern Tier as our next State Senator.”

David has served as Mayor of the City of Binghamton since 2014. He is term limited a

nd will leave office at the end of this year.

Originally from the Rochester area, David moved to Binghamton more than two decades ago to work as a journalist with WBNG. He left the news station in 2000 to join former Binghamton Mayor Richard A. Bucci’s administration as Director of Community Relations. He was appointed Deputy Mayor in 2004. When the term-limited Bucci administration ended in 2006, David was hired as a public affairs officer for SUNY Broome Community College.

David has a bachelor’s degree in communications and political science from St. John Fisher College and a master’s degree in public administration from Binghamton University.

He is currently President of the New York State Conference of Mayors.

New York State Senator Fred Akshar: “Serving the people of the 52nd Senate District has been the greatest honor of my life, and I wouldn’t be stepping away from this office if I didn’t know we had a leader like Binghamton Mayor Rich David ready and willing to step in, roll up his sleeves and champion the needs of our community’s families. During his two terms as Mayor, the Binghamton community has seen the kind of economic growth, progress and recovery many didn’t think possible. Rich’s record of service shows that he has the strength of character, the dedication and the work ethic we need in the State Senate, and his deep commitment to ensuring public safety, creating opportunities for small businesses and fostering diversity and community pride shows me that he’s ready to take the next step and serve not only Binghamton, but the communities across the 52nd Senate District.”

New York State Assemblyman Joe Angelino (District 122): "I'm happy to hear that Mayor Rich David is running for the New York State Senate. His work as the mayor of Binghamton is stellar and I know he will be a great state senator. I look forward to working with him in the legislature."

Former New York State Assemblyman Clifford W. Crouch: “Working with Mayor Rich David over the years, I’ve seen firsthand his passion and commitment to Binghamton and the Southern Tier. As someone who knows the challenges in Albany and how to best serve rural communities, I believe that Rich David is the best person to succeed Fred Akshar and deliver the results residents, farmers and small businesses need and deserve.”

Former New York State Assemblyman Robert Warner: “I can’t think of a better candidate for Senator than Mayor Rich David. He is the most qualified, most knowledgeable, and is a proven leader. A true fiscal conservative confirmed by his actions as Mayor, I’m supporting Rich David for Senator.”

Broome County Legislature Chairman Dan J. Reynolds: “Rich David is a good friend and a strong leader who has the experience we need to bring common sense to Albany and fight for real results for our community. Rich has a proven record of fighting for taxpayers as Mayor and he'll continue to be a strong advocate for us in Albany.”

Tioga County Legislature Chairwoman Martha C. Sauerbrey: “I believe that Mayor Rich David, with his extensive history in public service and knowledge of the Southern Tier, would make an excellent New York State Senator. His experience and understanding of our communities will serve us well in Albany.”

Broome County Republican Party Chairman Bijoy Datta: "Rich David has done a tremendous job as Mayor of Binghamton over the last eight years — keeping taxes in check, creating jobs, improving infrastructure and ensuring that every citizen's voice is heard. I'm excited that he's stepping up to run for State Senate to succeed Fred Akshar, and I'm proud to enthusiastically endorse him for this seat."

Tioga County GOP Chairman and Owego Town Supervisor Don Castellucci, Jr.: “Over the last eight years I have witnessed Mayor Rich David revitalize Binghamton, which in turn revitalizes the Greater Binghamton area.I am confident he will continue to be an advocate and strong voice for the values important to our community.”

Chenango County Republican Committee Chairman Robert A. Brooks: “Two terms as Mayor of the City of Binghamton uniquely qualifies Rich David to meet the many challenges facing the New York State Senate. Experience does matter!”

Broome County Sheriff David E. Harder: “I can’t think of another person who would make a great Senator like Rich David. Just look at what he has done for the City of Binghamton.”

Broome County Clerk Joseph Mihalko: "I've worked with Rich David for many years, as a member of City Council, as president of City Council, and now as Broome County Clerk. Rich has always been a cooperative and helpful partner. He's always focused on finding solutions and solving problems, just like my approach as County Clerk. I know Rich would make a great New York State Senator, and I am proud to support him. He's not only a collaborator, but he is also a friend."

1st District Broome County Legislator Steve Flagg: “We need strong and smart representation at the Capitol, and I know Rich David will be an advocate for the 52nd Senate District. It’s important to have someone who can effectively push back against the one-party rule in Albany.”

2nd District Broome County Legislator Scott Baker: “I strongly support Rich David as our next New York State Senator. We need someone who will fight for us in Albany, and I know he will do a great job for our area.”

3rd District Broome County Legislator Kelly Wildoner: “Rich David will serve us proudly in Albany as our State Senator. Rich is a hard-working representative and will always look out for the residents of the 52nd Senate District.”

6th District Broome County Legislator Greg Baldwin: “I fully endorse Rich David as our next State Senator for the 52nd District. Rich David will be an advocate and a strong voice for our area in Albany.”

7th District Broome County Legislator Matt Pasquale: “I give my full support to Rich David who will make a great New York State Senator. Rich’s focus on infrastructure makes him the right person to bring common sense back to Albany.”

8th District Broome County Legislator Jason Shaw: “As an employer in Broome County, I know Rich David will look out for the residents and businesses in our area. Rich has the insight and perspective we need at the Capitol.”

9th District Broome County Legislator Matt Hilderbrant: “Rich David is the right choice for our next State Senator. We need lawmakers in Albany to keep the Governor in check.”

Former Broome County District Attorney Steve Cornwell: “I am proud to support Mayor Rich David for New York State Senate. As District Attorney, I worked closely with Mayor David on programs to reduce drug overdose deaths, lower the crime rate and make our community safer. Mayor David has delivered results for the City of Binghamton, and our entire region will benefit when we elect him our next Senator.”

Norwich Mayor Shawn Sastri: “I support Rich David as our next State Senator in the 52nd District. He will make an excellent successor to Fred Akshar. He will be an advocate for our community by supporting small businesses, agriculture and keeping our taxes low.”

Former Binghamton Mayor Richard Bucci:“Rich David’s recent election as President of the New York State Conference of Mayors validates his years of work as a strong voice for local government in Albany. His experience, passion and commitment make him exceptionally qualified to serve as our next State Senator.”

Binghamton Deputy Mayor and Mayoral Candidate Jared M. Kraham: “Working at City Hall, I’ve had a front row seat to Mayor David’s leadership and problem solving. Every community across the 52nd Senate District deserves the positive change we’ve seen in Binghamton during his term. Whether fighting in Albany for Upstate interests, or working in the district to deliver for his constituents, Rich David will make an outstanding New York State Senator.

Binghamton City Council President Sophia Resciniti: “I have worked closely with Mayor David during my time on City Council and have seen firsthand how hard he fights to make our community better. Rich understands what is important to residents, and works tirelessly to deliver for them — lowering taxes, supporting small businesses, investing in infrastructure and keeping our neighborhoods safe. Rich is exactly the kind of voice our region needs and deserves in Albany. He will make a great State Senator.”

Binghamton City Councilman and former City Council President Thomas A. Scanlon: “Rich David will make an excellent State Senator. For the last seven and a half years, Binghamton residents have seen their taxes go down, their roads repaired, blighted buildings demolished and their police department given the support it needs to keep the community safe. Our area needs a leader like Rich in Albany, and I’m happy to support his campaign for Senate.”

Binghamton City Councilman Phil Strawn: “I fully support Mayor David’s run for the 52nd Senate District. We need continued leadership in that seat from a leader who is passionate about this area and with a proven track record of turning Binghamton into a vibrant City once again, understanding low taxes, public safety and clean neighborhoods are the cornerstones of this success.”

Binghamton City Councilman Giovanni Scaringi: “Now more than ever, we need a strong voice in Albany fighting for our area. Binghamton has seen so much progress over the last seven and a half years, thanks in large part to the work of Mayor David. His announcement today is great news not just for residents of the City of Binghamton, but all of the 52nd District. He has my complete support.”

Village of Johnson City Mayor Greg Deemie: “As the Mayor of Johnson City I have had the privilege to work closely with Mayor David for the past eight years. Since we share a common boundary we have worked together for the best interest of both our communities. As joint owners of the Binghamton Johnson City Wastewater Treatment plant we have been in constant contact during one of the largest infrastructure projects in the history of Broome County. As lead agency Mayor David has guided us through a very complex project that has been a total success. I have also watched Mayor David take on the tough issues such as blight, infrastructure, roads and disgruntled residents. I know exactly how difficult this is to do. I fully support Mayor Rich David as our next Senator. He has the experience and knowledge to lead us to a great future in all of Senate District 52!”

Town of Dickinson Supervisor Michael Marinaccio: “Mayor David has always been supportive and ready to assist our town when facing political or emergency issues. Those attributes will make Mayor David a great State Senator, and I support him 100 percent.”

Village of Port Dickinson Mayor Kevin M. Burke: “Based on his accomplishments in Binghamton and his position as President of the New York Conference of Mayors, Rich David has the experience, influence and determination to be one of the most effective Senator’s the 52nd District has ever had to represent us in Albany.”

Town of Chenango Supervisor JoAnne Klenovic: “Rich David will make an excellent Senator to succeed Fred Akshar. He is a strong advocate for improving the economy and supports small businesses, farmers and values rural communities. He’s a proven leader with a track record of getting results. It’s my privilege to offer my personal support to Rich David for State Senator.”

Former Binghamton City Council President Chris Papastrat: “I think Rich David has been a great mayor for the City of Binghamton. He has been able to upgrade our infrastructure and roads, rehab whole neighborhoods, build new housing and promote a business-friendly atmosphere for our downtown, all without raising taxes. Rich David is the leader we need in the Senate in Albany.”

Former Binghamton City Council President John Matzo: “As a Councilman for eight years, I had the privilege to work with two very different administrations. The strides and progress that the David Administration made during my final four years on City Council has been amazing. It was an honor and pleasure to work side by side with Rich David and to become friends with him as well. He has my full and enthusiastic support as our next State Senator.”

Retired BInghamton City Court Judge Hon. Mary Anne Lehmann: “I was asked by Mayor David to be part of the Steering Committee for The Police Reform Collaborative. Our work, with a diverse group, was substantive and fruitful. Led by Mayor David, a plan was put in place to begin this important work. I am honored to support Mayor David in his run for Senate.”

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