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One Party Rule in Albany Closes Session Without Providing Relief for Families and Businesses

BINGHAMTON, NY Senate Candidate Rich David, along with Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt, today blasted One Party Rule in Albany for failing to take significant action to make New York more affordable and provide relief for families and businesses who are struggling with record-high inflation and costs of living.

“As New Yorkers continue to leave our state in droves, now we are facing record inflation on everything from gas at the pumps to food at our grocery stores. Rising costs of living and doing business in New York are causing worry and frustration for families. Senate Republicans put forward an ‘End the Exodus’ proposal that would have made New York more affordable and provided more economic opportunity – unfortunately, Albany politicians’ misplaced priorities led to a missed opportunity to truly provide relief to struggling New Yorkers,” said Rich David, Republican candidate for Senate District 52.

“Our greatest asset – our people – continue to flee the state because of sky-high taxes, burdensome regulations, and a poor economic climate. Yet tone-deaf One Party Rule politicians in Albany have offered no solution other than a bloated state budget that spends at unsustainable levels, and more of the same tax-and-spend policies that cause more financial burden for families and small businesses. As part of our ‘Take Back NY’ agenda, the Senate Republican conference offered solutions that would have significant impact to make New York more affordable, and I look forward to Rich David joining our conference and being a strong voice for these common sense solutions,” said Republican Leader Rob Ortt.

"I hear it from residents across my district--the number one issue on people's minds is affordability. Groceries and the cost of utilities are skyrocketing and the price of gas continues to rise with no end in sight. The Senate Democrats have done nothing to combat these rising prices. In fact, their misguided legislation has only made it worse. As a conference, we are committed to providing meaningful relief to our constituents and protecting their bottom line,” said Senator Pam Helming, Chairwoman of Senate Republican Campaign Committee.

“Rich David’s plan is a big step in the right direction and will have a meaningful impact in the Southern Tier and across the State,” said Broome County Legislature Chairman & 5th District Legislator Dan J. Reynolds. “Rich has a proven track record as Mayor, and I know he will bring that experience and expertise to the Capital to look out for our residents and business owners.”

New York faces extreme long- and short-term economic challenges including: record high inflation, rising gas prices and home heating costs, highest-in-the-nation tax burden and overall declining consumer sentiment about economic conditions in the state.

The End the Exodus plan put forth by Senate Republicans includes:

  • A full repeal of the state’s gas tax to provide more relief at the pump – the plan touted by Albany Democrats only provides New Yorkers half the relief.

  • Cutting New York’s Highest-In-The-Nation Taxes:

  • Reject the Senate Democrats’ radical plans to dramatically increase gas, home heating, and everyday-living costs - and temporarily FULLY SUSPEND the state gas tax;

  • Repeal unfunded mandates that drive up local property taxes;

  • Accelerate and expand the historic, Senate Republican-authored Middle-Class Tax Cut;

  • Enact a permanent, constitutional cap on runaway state spending; and

  • Require a 2/3 vote of the state legislature for any tax increase.

  • Reducing the Cost of Living:

  • Make childcare more affordable and available by examining costly regulations, expanding the Empire State Child Tax Credit and the dependent care credit, and increasing support for employer-provided early childhood education and care;

  • Allow localities the option to offer state sales tax holidays on essential goods and services;

  • Advocate for and protect the rights of property owners; and

  • Mitigate the impact of the global energy crisis by providing nearly $300 million in energy tax relief.

  • Improving the State Business Climate:

  • Cut red tape and burdensome regulations;

  • Reduce taxes on small businesses;

  • Reform the way economic development – for years plagued by corruption – is done in New York;

  • Reject Democrats’ radical plans to ban natural gas hookups in construction;

  • Slash small businesses skyrocketing unemployment insurance tax rates by using federal pandemic relief funds to replenish the depleted unemployment insurance fund; and

  • Cap unemployment taxes to protect businesses still struggling with pandemic recovery.


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