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Statement from NYS Senate Candidate Rich David on the Farm Laborers Wage Board Overtime Decision

It's both disappointing and troubling that after months of input from farmers across New York the Farm Laborers Wage Board decided to reduce the overtime threshold from 60 hours per week to 40. The current 60 hour threshold already placed a massive financial burden on our farmers, during a time when most are still struggling in the aftermath of the pandemic.

So many residents and business owners are already leaving New York due to the anti-business policies and climate that the one party majority in Albany are pushing, and this overtime threshold reduction will further devastate our agriculture industry and will sadly force even more family farms out of business.

I opposed this reduction for months and joined farmers across the region to make our collective voices heard. Sadly, my opponent is on the record supporting the reduction knowing full well the negative impact the decision will have on farms across New York. I stand with farmers and small businesses across New York State.

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